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March 13, 2012

First some news, then some notes from being in fun. In news, we’re continuing to improve the website, at least hoping that the changes are for the better. For example, now you can actually read the Red Nose Training Manual on the site. This could change your life. Recently, a retired couple, both spouses with stellar careers, read it for the first time. Even with their life successes, I could see that they wondered what greater heights they might have reached had they harvested the manual’s wisdom decades earlier. I’ve also heard from Rudolph the Reindeer, a professional red nose user, that even he has picked up some good tips from our manual. Even though it’s not for advanced users, it includes something new for almost everyone.

My book Rhythms of the Inner Life, about the Psalms and the spiritual journey, is now available as an e-book for Kindle, Nook, and iBook (and soon for Google and Kobo). Whether they consider its $3.99 price as accessible, modest, or cheap, we’re hoping many readers will enjoy having it. You can use links on our website to find Rhythms at your favorite e-book site.

I try to be in fun even when I’m being serious. When I attended the Justice Conference 2012 at Portland’s Oregon Convention Center, I gathered new insights and grew in hope – all in all, a wonderful gathering. But being in fun bolstered me, too. After a challenging morning of thinking of practical ways we can apply the Bible’s command to love our neighbors, I started toward a lunch break only to discover we shared the Convention Center with another group whose theme was “Love Yourself First.” A friend explained that the second group was to help women learn more about looking good, especially in denim fashions. The tasty irony is that both groups apparently lived out the principle, “Puzzle your neighbor.”

Imagining mischievous architects or designers gave me another in-fun moment. The Oregon Convention Center offers grand spaces and clever design throughout, even in small details. In my visit to one of the men’s restrooms, however, a prominent artistic feature surprised me. The tiled wall included, over each of the urinals, a large photo of one of Oregon’s free-flowing waterfalls, most found in the Columbia River Gorge. A bit more disturbing, the bottom of the Wahkeena Falls photo includes a woman in sunglasses, staring out and smiling. Admitting that I see funny, I’ll bet I’m not the only guy who’s noticed the waterfalls and onlookers. Even more, I imagine that somewhere a designer is still grinning that his (or her) mischief in design made it all the way to the final product.



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Living in Fun

"Walking Cheerfully" is place to think out loud about how to use and enjoy humor in positive, life-giving ways. We’ll explore how following Christ in all of life can shape, not scuttle, laughter and creative play. What might it mean to laugh with others as you would have them laugh with you?

Probably the other most common posts will be "Finds in Fun." I first learned the phrase “being in fun” from Tom Mullen’s Laughing Out Loud and Other Religious Experiences. He points to the playfulness of children, who are readier to laugh and to see the silly than most adults. Living each day “in fun” often makes us laugh as we slog through a nearly endless supply of things odd, silly, klutzy, and preposterous. The stories here are mostly from my own ordinary, “in fun” days.

Fun Nooks and Crannies

There’s “Humor in the Bible,” and these posts explore where it is, how to find it, and what to do with it. It’s one way of thinking about how to read the Bible well.

Since a lot of us spend big chunks of time at work, the “Humor at Work” posts will suggest ways to stay sane and happy, to get along with cow-orkers, and to use humor to do good work.

I’m a book-pusher at heart, and some of my best friends push books, too. I even know some folks who read. So “Fun Books” posts will tell about books that are funny and help us think about humor.

Sometimes I’ll brag on some of the friends I’ve been given or share some photos I’ve enjoyed taking. Maybe you’ll laugh, maybe not, but they’ve brought joy in my journey.

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