Sharing Humor at Work

October 10, 2010

In the office, with people rushing to and from class, someone asked a question.

“I don’t know,” Todd said (names changed to protect the innocent), “Ask Barry. He’ll know.” He did, of course.

Todd continued: “See, anything you want to know, Barry knows.”

Frank: “In fact, Barry knows things you don’t want to know. No really, you don’t want to know!”

Laughter. Smiles, even Barry. And everyone was off to office and class.

Occasionally my friend Paul and I happen to meet in the office hall, trade a couple of bad puns, and suddenly fall into the roles of Jot and Tittle, the Bible Answer Persons, full of word play and misinformation. This mostly amuses the two of us, while others may be bewildered, even worried. But it affirms our friendship and sends us back to work with a grin.

Sometimes I’ll ask one of the terrific students who work in our office, “Do you have everything under control today?” or a question equally odd or preposterous. It’s usually good for a puzzled look, a smile, or, best of all, a funny comeback.

Sharing humor at work helps us get along, get work done, and get good ideas, among other values. We can use and enjoy it by observing simple guidelines. Humor at work should be:

1. Quick. We all have work to do.
2. Kind. Use only positive humor that encourages and shows appreciation.
3. Playful. Invite folks to share fun together. We all love to hear, “You wanna play?”
4. Creative. Part of humor’s fun is in the new and unexpected.
5. Team building. Think of humor not as a contest but a collaboration. Give others straight lines; laugh generously at humor attempts.

Some days you may just have to amuse yourself, but shared laughter is fun and very worth the effort.




  1. John Griffin says:

    I agree Howard, some of the best times I have had while working is when I am working with someone who knows how to laugh. It is hard these days to find a group of people that can work and yet still have fun, but it can turn out to be the most amazing thing.

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